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Why is most blog posting backwards?? (oldest first)

  1. Howdy - I just created this blog tonight, and for some reason, it's posting backwards. When I publish a new post, it appears BELOW the older post. This is totally backwards...everything I read is that the default is to publish the opposite way, which is the way blogs should be...what's going on?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This sometimes happens with a new blog. Please go here and be sure your have set your blog to reflect your own timezone. The default is UTC time. > Settings > General
    You may have to edit the posts and change the timestamps if the order is not corrected by setting the timezone correctly.

  3. Nevermind...figured it out...I must've changed my time zone after my first the system thought my subsequent posts were happening before the old one. Confusing though, because even though the dashboard was telling me the post went up 3 hrs ago, it was saying it hadn't been posted yet (it was giving me a future time). Anyway, figured it out. Rookie mistake...

  4. Yeah, we crossed posts...anyway, thanks for the help. :-)

  5. edit post screen > time stamp
    note "Publish immediately" edit link in the image
    This incorrect order can also be a result of creating a "sticky post" and if that's the case edit and remove the "sticky" designation.

  6. Hey, it's good to see you figured this out. Happy blogging! :)

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