Why is my article so popular?

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    I am getting tremendous traffic on an article I wrote 2 years ago: “Is Your Food Digesting or Rotting in Your Gut?” Around 1,000 views per month, 30 hits per day. Fantastic! But why is this article so popular? Where or how are people finding it? What do I need to do to duplicate this success with other articles?

    Dave Klein
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    The blog I need help with is davidkleinphd.wordpress.com.



    This occasionally happens to me too–a post about a book or film suddenly gets a rush of visitors. When I run a search on Google or elsewhere I invariably find that the book was re-released, or the film was on tv, or something generates new interest. I don’t think, however that I’ve ever had this occur on an article seemingly as evergreen as food digestion! Still, you could try searching the words and phrases in the title or anything that seems to stand out in the article, and see what you find. If you can’t solve the mystery, well, just be grateful it exists! Good luck.


    Thanks, Marcy. My stats page seems to show that the hits are coming from WordPress user searches. I tried some searches using key words and didn’t find it. Two years after I posted the article I am getting 30 hits a day, month after month. I’d love to know where people are finding it. If only WordPress stats showed sources.

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