Why is my blog dissplayed like that??????

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    All of a sudden my blog started to display itself like it does now. Why is that? I did not do anything… How can I fix that???

    my blog adress is: http://schw1zweidrei.wordpress.com/




    Your blog looks fine to me now, but for what happened earlier, see this thread:


    oops, GMTA!


    It is not that it is bare…the graphics is there, it is just that elements are not aligned as ussual – there are not 2 columns as usual…



    Read that thread all the way to the end.



    I cannot see anything wrong – it looks like a normal White as Milk theme. What do you see wrong?


    oh ok…so it will be fixed?



    If you clear your browser cache and do a forced reload of your blog and it STILL looks messed up, send a Feedback. But it looks normal to us, which makes me think you might be just viewing a cached version from when it was messed up, and clearing it will make everything right again.


    what do i see wrong? the posts column is not in the middle but in the right corner, while the categories and blogroll are at the right…and the about me paragraph is written in on line (from far left to the start of the first post)



    I don’t see it like that at all. I see a very neat layout: about paragraph is in a column on the left and is right-aligned, followed by Categories, Archives and Blogroll. I see the main part of the blog on the right in a wider column, looking just fine. I see no column to the right of the blog posts. Your header says: Whoo Alright Yeah Uh Huh
    Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge


    It is fine now. But it was messed up before (when i changed the presentation theme it looked fine – I guess something was wrong with White as Milk theme). Anyways, thanks for your help!




    Glad to hear it’s resolved now.

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