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Why is my blog inactive? CitizenWells

  1. Why is my blog inactive?
    I am still waiting for an answer.
    Is the Obama campaign behind this?
    Are Obama supporters behind this?
    The blocking, deletion of information about Obama is rampant
    on the internet. There are already many rumors about my blog
    being inactive.
    I am already going to push for congressional hearings on suppression
    of information on the internet.
    Citizen Wells

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Is this the site

    I see no ads in the cache. So it's not because of that. Was there hate speech or threats on anyone's life? They don't delete a blog because they don't like the candidate.

  3. I am the one that has been attacked.
    Candidates, well if I don't get an answer soon, half of the US will
    believe that

  4. It is believed by many that Matt is a big Obama supporter.
    I am accusing no one of anything.
    However, this smells.

  5. I have covered rezko extensively.
    I have thoroughly researched Obama.
    I was getting a lot of views regarding the Michelle video.

  6. If I don't get an answer soon, I will proceed to plans b-z.

  7. Matt, WordPress staff.
    Are you reading this.
    I would appreciate an answer soon.
    Citizen Wells

  8. pornstarbabylon

    Oh, you have the video? Can I have the link too??

  9. Was I attracting too much attention to Michelle Obama?
    Larry Sinclair?
    Reverend Manning?
    Tony Rezko?
    Robert Blackwell?
    Dan Shomon?
    Donald Young?
    Patrick Fitzgerald?
    Chicago crime and corruption?
    Whitey video?

  10. I have plenty!
    I have not posted everything I know.

  11. pornstarbabylon

    The Michelle whitey video is already public. So they didn't make your blog inactive because of that. They only delete if you break a rul of the TOS or break a U.S. law. Contact support and send them the link to your blog and explain it to them what's happened.

  12. I have contacted support and broken no rules/laws.

  13. Anyone from support reading this??????

  14. I have documented the removal of damaging material about Obama
    on the internet. Does WordPress want to be added to the list?

  15. pornstarbabylon

    They might not have seen the email yet or this thread. If you didn't break a law or a rule, then you'll get it back.....possibly.

  16. I added the "modlook" tag to get staffs attention to this thread
    maybe they'll see it and will be able to provide a answer for you...

    ~Teck~ =)

  17. I'm checking right now.

    And Obama? There is nothing political about this, nothing at all.

  18. The blog is back, if you have written to Support i will say why.

  19. I can see your blog fine now:
    is this the blog that was in active?

  20. sorry mark, you posted while i typed.

  21. FYI posting to the forum is not the most effective way to get staff's attention. As teck noted, they aren't likely to notice it at all unless someone deliberately points them to it.

    Just contact staff the normal way:

  22. FWIW most of the people who handle TOS reports and complaints do not live in the USA, don't care who wins the election and are rather sick of hearing about it.

    The problem in this case was (and still is) affiliate/advertising links.

  23. My blog is very very is marked inactive and I have sent support my requests for response a week later.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    I wonder what is up.....surely someone is seeing our support requests for information.

    Puzzled ? thanks

  24. OMG! More politics in blogosphere?! Lol~

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