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why is my blog invisible?

  1. my blog is not listed at My recent post is not listed either. I have my blog for public viewing. I just realized that I have been writing for almost a year and not been published. What a waste of time!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the women there are very machos; as opposed to Puerto Rico, for example, where everybody is happy because there are enough men and women for everybody to have fun.

    Define 'invisible'.

  3. 'Invisible" as in 'I can't find it". That's funny the piece you quoted. I did search for my post at wordpress and always get a 'no answer found'. I can't fin the blog anywhere, not in google, etc. So, how did you get to it? Where did you search for it? Seriously, let me know. I need to learn. Thanks a million.

  4. Correction: I can't find the latest post anywhere but I can see the blog in google.

  5. I didn't search. I just clicked the link in your post.

    Being published and visible are different from being indexed in search engines.

  6. Tags are ones that are probably widely used, so it may be difficult to find your posts among others.

    Tagged drug cartel, inauguration, Lupe Fiasco, mexicans, Obama, puerto rico, The Monkeys

  7. So the blog is technically still 'invisible' because you didn't search for it. So, how do I get indexed? Why is the recent post not indexed at The point is to be seen publicly, put the title and find it somewhere. I'm confused.

  8. Ok, that's a possibility. I selected few tags 'cause I read that too many will leave you out. Should I separate a person's name instead of using it as one tag? ANyway, the title should be listed when I search for it at wordpress, don't you think?

  9. It's fixed. It's finally showing publicly. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. Searching on:

    In Google returns 335 results

  11. Where did you search!? I can't find a 'search' box at to check my posts.

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