Why is my blog marked private and then some?

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    I have a blog that I had trouble with since I first created it. Now, I gave the address to somone and she said it is marked private. I then went into the Global Dashboard/My Blogs and made everything public. Just a few minutes ago I gave the address to another person and some gay dating garbage came up. What am I doing wrong?
    This is the address…

    Thanks in advance…Baldeguy56

    The blog I need help with is baldeguy56blog.wordpress.com.


    http://baldeguy56blog.wordpress.com/ is not marked as private. I got to it just fine signed into wordpress and signed out.

    Is it possible you gave the person the wrong address?

    This is the title of the latest post I see: The Blessed Month of Ramadan.


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    I just looked at the link with no problem.
    The only post: September 29, 2010 by baldeguy56

    I’d suggest clearing cache and cookies in your browser, but if the person you gave the link to has never been to your site, then that is not likely to help. Perhaps another volunteer can enlighten us?



    I have read about some browser hijacks that send people to sites they really don’t want to visit. Might suggest your friend run a virus check on their PC.



    Is that your only post?
    I see the same Ramadan post from 29 Sep 2010, as sacred sees.
    When I do a search for “the”, this is the only post listed, as well.

    Are there other posts, than this, that we should be seeing?



    Thank you all for the help. I have two (one blog is trashed, but title still lives on) namely The Blessed Month Of Ramadan and Blessed Month of Ramadan (this is the trashed blog with the tile still existing). The reason why this is, that, before I found out IE9 with its’ Square beta version of Flash doesn’t allow me to edit text on WordPress. I know there may be most out there without an issue, but I have it. I have to use either Opera or Firefox.
    I don’t understand enough to know how to delete the entry from appearing on the web. I thought I made it private, but, in fact, I made the blog private. I just don’t know how to work it on the Global Dashboard/Manage Blogs to have only what I need to be there. All that up and down stuff along with how to make something primary is out of reach for me at this time.



    Hate to double post, but if some one can help me fix my mess, I’d be very grateful. The address of the correct blog is baldeguy56blog.wordpress.com
    The correct blog’s name is “The Blessed Month Of Ramadan”.
    I did transfer the correctly edited blog through my other account, which I would like to delete if possible “gwb56.wordpress.com”.
    I really don’t know how to clean up this mess. Here are picts of my Global Dashboard


    http://gwb56.wordpress.com/ is set to private. To delete that blog, if it is under a different username, you have to log into that account and then you can delete that blog.

    http://baldeguy56.wordpress.com/ is linked to your username of baldguy56 and is NOT set to private. If you want to delete that blog, you have to switch to that blog in your dashboard and then delete it (make sure and look at the URL in your browser address bar to see that it reflects http://baldeguy56.wordpress.com/ and NOT the blog you want to keep.



    thesacredpath, thanks for the reply. I must be just plain thick headed, goofy or both, but I seem to not be able to do what you have suggested.
    The blog listed under gwb56 was transfered to baldeguy56blob.worpress.com and has the name The Blessed Month of Ramadan.
    The blog that can’t be found listed in my original user account under Blade’sblog.wordpress.com and is named Blessed Month of Ramadan.
    Please, refer to the link to the picts of my Global Dashboard from photobucket above.
    I have two problems…1) I really created a mess 2) I don’t know what I’m doing.
    Thanks for your time and patience. BTW like that screen name you choose…Garry



    #EDIT:The blog that can’t be found listed in my original user account under Blade’sblog.wordpress.com and is named Blessed Month of Ramadan.

    Correction: the blog that can’t be found (I trashed) listed in my original user account Baldeguy56’sblog.wordpress.com and id named Blessed Month of Ramadan.

    the user account gwb56 I want to delete and the private trashed blog “Blessed Month of Ramadan I want deleted, which is under baldeguy56

    Maybe I should contact support to look into what needs to be done as I think I may be confusing at this point not knowing what I’m doing or in using the sites’ UI.

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