Why Is My Blog Not Getting Visitors?

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    Great tips Timethief!

    The trick is to think from a visitors perspective. Believe me, the majority does NOT have patience with loading pages. Like Timethief already said, if its not loaded within 8-10 seconds, people turn away. I read somewhere the actual time was even shorter. A blog is not like a book or magazine (contend-lenght-wise), simply because one is looking at a monitor (strains eyes). Even though if it was interesting at the top, people would start reading but eventually just scroll right down (maybe occasionally glancing). People these days read in a selective manner. They only pick out whats interesting to them similar to zapping TV. So unless you deliver the goods fast and effectively, people’ll just ‘zap’ right away. Think about that and goodluck!
    (thanks for the comment btw)



    I’m with you. You have 8 seconds to load the page and keep the attention of the average visitor after they click the URL. If your page load time is slow they will click out.

    Even if they do click in then you had better have an organizational structure that places the focus on your content rather than on colorful sidebar “tat” that not only destroys theme design but draws the eye away from your content.

    Cluttered, busy looking blogs, with inconsistent font colors and formatting are a total turn-off. Upper case lettering in blog titles – SHOUT! at visitors.

    Well I could but I won’t … as no one here has hired me as a consultant lol :D



    @aaronrking What is a great source of traffic for me is actually this forum. And I like that you ‘meet’ people with all kinds oa blogs which you ouldn’t have found otherwise.

    Also @timethief, thanks for the page-load info! Very good point.



    Oh what the heck here’s more. It amazes me when I see people complaining that themes aren’t wide enough to display their images. Apparently they are not aware how many are using mobile, notebooks, and ipads, etc. to view their blogs. Maybe they assume we are all on desk tops with movie theater sized monitors. If scroll bars appear on any theme I am history.

    Worse still is when I experience a blog with huge in your face images rather than thumbnails that I can selectively click on to see the full size or not. Once again I’m history.




    What is a great source of traffic for me is actually this forum.

    I think you really mean the Showcase forum as opposed to the technical support forum. Anyway here is some advice. Promote elsewhere. Do not rely only on the piddling bit of traffic you can get from posting to the Showcase Forum and Off-Topic Forum. Promoting your blog here behind the garden wall within the wordpress.com community may provide a good start but if you want to have a successful blog then recognize that a start is all it is.

    If you do not create and activate a social networking time management plan but the time your blog is 3 months old you will have missed the train. Also do be aware that each and every post you publish must be individually promoted on multiple social networking sites, and in online groups and in forums, as part of your traffic building strategy.



    Hi Aaron……
    I just now clicked onto your blog and ran over some of the posts on the first page. Really, you have touched on some issues and topics which I find very interesting. Several hours ago I left a Comment about whether or not a god exists on someone’s blog. I think that once people start seeing what they will be able to talk about and read about on your blog, they will return. You bring up real life issues. I like that.

    url sig removed -Slik



    @lornakismet You have been using the forums long enough to know that (Link Signatures) are not allowed here in the forums Please re-frame from posting link sigs in your future replies.




    Slikbones…. I did not know! Truly I did not. Sorry.




    Hi! just want to know where I can edit that “Yramjin’s Blog” and that line below saying “just another wordpress something..” I want to change my blog’s name and that line under it…Where can I find it?

    by the way, thanks for the info you’ve given to Aaron..I learned much…:)



    @-LK That’s okay I thought you did well now you know… = )



    Oh gosh, I’m so not into social networking sites. Is it impossible to have decent traffic without participating in social networking?



    I’m really new about blog thing. I never done blog before.
    I sign up 2 days ago.
    Hehehe so it’s impossible to get visitor fast T_T
    I think my blog not so good too T_T

    But thank you for the tips.
    It’s help me a lot to learn about blog
    And thank you to made this forum ^_^




    Oh gosh, I’m so not into social networking sites. Is it impossible to have decent traffic without participating in social networking?

    Using Twitter and social networks to build a “followership” is the way to go when it comes to getting any substantial increase in traffic to blogs these days. Prior to Twitter and microblogging authority was derived from creating high quality content containing authoritative links that got backlinks. These days we are witnessing the power of social media broadcast range. Tweets, retweets and “likes” are having their effect on linking patterns and the SERPs.

    Social media and SEO



    This is where you can change your blog title and tagline > Settings > General
    In the future please don’t make Odd-Topic posts in threads, okay?



    Oops! “Odd-Topic” was meant to be “Off-Topic” in my comment above.

    If you have technical support questions then go to the front page of the forum look to the left and locate “Support” in the sidebar., then click it and start your own thread. :) https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/support



    I’ve not had many readers but I’ve had some, I use twitter to get the word out plus I try to use as many tags as I can that have something to do with the post so people searching can find my posts.




    I try to use as many tags as I can that have something to do with the post so people searching can find my posts.

    Both wordpress.com and search engines view and treat categories and tags in exactly the same way. The rule of thumb is to use as few relevant tags/categories as we can on any given post. It’s important not to over-use tags and categories and to use only those that are relevant and if you read this support entry you will understand why > (See 4.) > http://en.support.wordpress.com/global-tags/#missing-posts



    @timethief Thanks so much for your info. Good to know where it makes sense to promote. But for myself, I realized that I simply don’t have the time to actively promote my blog beyond the forum and twitter. So I shall just focus on the blogging itself and capture traffic like that. :)



    Before you ask questions like “how is it possible to generate decent traffic” please DEFINE “decent traffic.”

    I’m impossible to live with if raincoaster.com does not meet 2000 reads a day, but I have a blog that gets typically less than 50 and because I know who those 50 are, it’s okay. I’ve got the people I want.

    If you want big numbers, then yes, you have to socialize on social media. If it’s not worth your time, lower your expectatons of big numbers.

    And always, always ask yourself WHY you want more readers.



    Amen and BTW you rawk! :)

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