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Why Is My Blog Not Getting Visitors?

  1. wellcraftedtoo

    Thanks to those above who have commented (timethief and absurdoldbird)--good suggestions!

    Here's a mini-post that's been on my mind here on the issue of blog readership; someone above in this thread hinted at it

    As a writer, I often deal with the question of readership: when, how, with whom do I share my work? How do I get my work 'out there', published, where, and in what context?

    Writers can go more than a little nuts lusting after 'getting published' only to find that, if they are so talented/fortunate/lucky to be published, that it's not what it's cracked up to be (unless you are one of a bazillion who really 'make it big', and even that can be problematic.)

    All this leads me, and the thoughtful writers I know, to start asking some hard questions. Regarding a particular piece of writing, for whom--what audience--is it intended? Why do I want to be read? How do I want to be read, and by whom? When, and in what context?

    Is it important that I be read by 'a lot' of readers? Why? If I adhere to the belief that it is, what happens when I'm NOT?

    Bloggers are creative, verbal, and possessed by a strong desire (if not pressing need) to put their thoughts, feelings, and experiences into words. All artists are this way. Our work not receiving the attention, or readership, we want (or think we want) can be intensely discouraging, to the point of sapping, or even blocking, more creative output.

    This is why I believe it is so important for anyone who engages in creative work to stop from time to time to ask him/herself why am I doing this? How does readership (or publication, or viewership) enter into what I am doing?

    It's not easy to be creative; so many forces are at play in our lives that thwart these impulses. Keep blogging, keep writing, keep creating!

  2. somethingforme

    Twitter my friend! Twitter indeed with hashtags!

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  4. Thanks for drawing attention to yourself. I just reported your blog for spam.

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