Why Is My Blog Not Getting Visitors?

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    Good point, Raincoaster! And I can’t really say what I mean by ‘decent,’ but I surely don’t expect 2,000 people a day. I find other people are sharing my posts at times on social networks and I appreciate that. I just don’t have the time myself to tweet, stumble, and all that. I will have to give this a hard think!




    You can promote your articles on social networks without promoting them yourself through the social network sites simply by adding a social network bar with your articles which will allow your readers to promote your site/articles via the social network sphere…



    Ne, how will you know if you’re interesting or not
    if people don’t visit your blog? o-o;; Just saying.

    Since like, content is most important and all.



    I’m fairly new to wordpress and just discovered this Forum tonight, so a great big thank you to all for some really relevant and great information.



    Really i have an average of zero visitors per day but i don’t mind it so much. I’m trying to “expose” my blog more and interact with others so i’ll be more enthused about writing at wee hours of the morning. The posts here helps a lot.




    Lots of good advice and ideas on what I need to do to improve my blog. I do need a bit more advice on the “how” to implement some of these ideas. I’ve done all I know how to so far. I’m a novice with the rest.

    I am trying to narrow my subject matter to more social issues of interest to me and less on my sense of humor about everyday experiences. Issues of the gay community have my attention at this time as I have several gay friends who challenge me to think about their concerns.

    My biggest problem is I have such eclectic taste and interest. It’s hard to focus on a niche. I have had a few more visitors this past week and appreciate the effort to check out my blog. I am also developing a blogroll of interesting blogs and websites for my visitors to also consider. Thanks bloggers!


    Commenting on similar type blogs/forums & social networks is what did it for me.



    I suppose no many visit mine either, i kinda did it for myself but if people do visit it thats fine.


    Everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days. So if someone wants the traffic, you have to do a bit of work so people can find you. There are people who could care less about and only blog for themselves. While most want a following of some sort. but be careful of what you wish for. More attention means bigger problems to deal with.


    I don’t know if this will be of any help to anyone but here’s how I get readers to my blog (which has been in existence for nine months but has been getting more popular just recently, although my readership is not yet in the hundreds and I don’t mind that in the least). First off, I visit the blogs and websites of all the people who comment in my blog (except of course for the spammers). Then I choose the posts of theirs that I most like and feel most affinity to. Then I look at the comments and I visit as many of the blogs of their commenters, particularly the ones whose comments look interesting. I don’t bother with comments from people who seem on a completely different wavelenth.

    When I see posts I like in the new people’s blogs (new to me, that is) I comment on them, making sure that my username links to my blog.

    Most of the people who visit my blog have found it either from a comment I’ve posted in their blog or from doing exactly the same thing as me.

    While I’ve not been on WordPress for long, I have been blogging since 2004 and I know that word spreads through the blogosphere. But, that said – and others have commented – you have to have something in your blog that will make people want to read and then want to return.

    I’ve got a facebook but use it very little for publicising my blog because I don’t actually like FB for public contacts. The people I am in contact with there already know about the blog anyway, though I do occasionally post a link to something in their FB’s so that their friends will see it and come on by.

    My current blog is partly of interest to people because I try to follow up what I post with updates, but also because I make sure that I keep a sense of humour flowing through it. There are sad posts, the odd rant, but they are kept to the minimum or, if I need to have them there, they are put inside a kind of ‘padding’ of other topics. I am an artist, and like people to see my work, but I don’t make it the be all and end all of the blog.

    My own advice to anyone wanting more traffic is this: if it’s a commercial blog, if you’re trying to earn your living from it, go the social networking/social media route. It’s probably quicker. If you want a nice solid following of people who’ll stick with you and recommend you to other people – then do it more slowly but keep working on it. I blog as often as I can, and I am in and out of blogs on and off nearly every day, keeping in touch, making my presence known. You have to communicate with people you don’t know, you really have to – and you have to find a point of mutual agreement in order to make that connection.

    Btw, I’ve just made my home page show 15 posts thanks to this topic – the time it would take to load hadn’t occurred to me, and before it was 30! But I won’t go lower than that and I’m sorry for people watching on mobiles, etc, but I need my art to be seen as large as my layout will allow. (Not huge, but not thumbnail size.) So – I lose some people. But I gain others.

    Hope this comment isn’t too long.



    Good stuff.:) thanks for posting and sharing your experience. However, unless they are extremely short more than 7 posts on your front page will result in a slower page loading time (reader annoyance) and far too much scrolling (reader annoyance).


    Well – you win some, you lose some. Very few of the people who come to my blog don’t return again. Also, I am not annoyed by other people’s blogs with more than 7 posts per front page, and I’m not a completely unique human being, so will be others who are similarly not annoyed. I do understand you, though. Thanks.


    A lot of useful advice in this thread. Appreciate all of the input.



    @absurdoldbird and writingsofahiddengem
    You’re welcome from me. :)


    Just returned to this thread to read the new comments–lots of good ones. I’ve been looking more at others’ blogs with an eye to what draws me in, makes me want to keep reading, or to move on…

    As a couple have noted, I don’t mind scrolling, and I don’t mind front pages that are long (or have multiple posts).

    But I am very effected by how things look. I really don’t like cluttered, or ‘filled in’ sidebars (lots and lots of widgets), I find black or very dark backgrounds really difficult to read, and I like fonts and font sizes that are clear. I also think, as a writer, that it’s important to paragraph prose–frequently, and well (try to avoid large blocks of print).

    Many of us are reading so much, and so fast. It really makes sense to me to play around with WP’s different design formats, go for the strong, clear ones, and keep our blogs visually ‘open’ and attractive.

    Just thought I’d pass this along…


    Timethief – thanks. And btw, I have your blog in my feed reader, have had for a while now. Lots of useful stuff in it.
    wellcraftedtoo – good point. No idea if mine was one that you visited but I’m thinking my blog is very crowded in the side panels at the moment. It can be very distracting. Originally I was posting more imagery than writing, but now that I’m posting more writing, it does have a tendency to get in the way. I must have a think about that. I like having all the stuff there as there are multiple ways for people to get in and other of a variety of places, posts and pages, but I think it could be improved.

    I just had a look at your blog and, while it would make your posts longer, I’d suggest breaking them the long run of photo after photo with more prose in between each. While I like long posts, and I do like imagery (photos and art), my concentration just goes after a stream of lots and lots of pics. I think it’s nice really to have ones to contemplate for a while. Even ones family and friends need to rest their eyes and brains for a bit.


    Sorry, that should have been ‘in and out of’ a variety of places, not ‘in and other’. Er… there are probably other lapses of concentration too. Bummer.



    @wellcraftedtoo and absurdoldbird
    I just want to be sure that both of you know there are different approaches that we can use to split content in our posts and they are found here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/


    Ah – thank you so much for this, I’ve been trying to work out how to do a couple of those. I’ll have a better look at it tomorrow (here in the UK, it’s 1.10am – just about my bedtime!)



    Sweet dreams :)

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