Why is my blog post not showing up correctly in my reader?

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    My blog posts are not showing up correctly in google reader or in Feedly. It shows a couple of sentences and that is all. The reader would have to actually go to my blog to see the whole post. How can I fix this so that when people use subscribe to my blog via anytype of reader they will see the entire post?

    The blog I need help with is servantliving.wordpress.com.


    Go to > Settings > Reading and select
    For each article in a feed, show
    __Full text
    “save changes”


    Will that change the look of my actual blog page? Or just in the readers?


    Note: Consider why any person would be motivated to click into your blog, thereby creating a page view stat, when they can read the full post in an email or in a feed reader or in the WordPress.com Reader, etc. when none of those create a page view stat?


    Choosing full text applies to what appears in the RSS feed only.


    Great! Do you know how long this takes before it changes because it is still not showing the full text. Here is what I see after changing the settings:
    I am pleased to introduce a new weekly post you will find every Friday on Servant Living. Friday Faves will be a collection of my favorite links for the week. It could be something I find funny, educating, or creative. There’s really no tell’n what will show up. Hope you enjoy! Chinese Family Planning: “336 […]


    I tagged this thread for Staff help as I still see only excerpts in your feed http://servantliving.wordpress.com/feed/ Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    Thank you!


    You’re welcome.



    Hi @servantliving,

    Your RSS feed is actually updated! You can verify by going here:

    And plugging in the RSS address which @timethief provided (http://servantliving.wordpress.com/feed/). It will then pull and display the RSS feed which RSS readers will find. It may be that your RSS Reader needs to be refreshed if you’re still not seeing the full text yourself.

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