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Why is my blog post not the same as the template?

  1. On my blog, using the Mixfolio template, the posts are supposed to have a featured image that comes from the image in the post. However, mine aren't showing up and I'm not sure how to do it because it's not in any of the settings. How can I change this without buying the $30 customization fee and editing the CSS?
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  2. I'm taking a wild guess that amounts to believing the Themes Team a has been improving the theme and this has resulted in your issue. I have flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can address your issue.

  3. I copy and paste an excel page weekly into certain tabs in my blog. However, the shading on the excel sheet does not show up once it is pasted in the blog tab. How do I maintain that original format which is shaded?

  4. @patgotelaere
    In what way does what you posted relate to
    (1) having a custom design upgrade?
    (2) CSS editing of the Mixfolio theme?

    If your answer is that your questions are not related then please use this link to create your own thread Please do not hijack other people's threads and post your issues into them in the future.

  5. You did add an image to your post, but it isn't set as a featured image. Please follow the steps in this guide on how to add a featured image.

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