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Why is my blog still accessible after I deleted it?

  1. I deleted my blog. Except my blog did not delete. It is still entirely visible to everyone, yet my access to it has been severed. When I log in, tells me I do not have any blogs. But, it is still there. I would like it, and all of its content, deleted. Any ideas?

  2. You probably deleted the blog from your list of blogs - i.e. you deleted your ability to see or log into the blog - and have left it as an orphan

    I have flagged this for the staff to retrieve the orphan for you

    Remember that deleting a blog means the name can never be used again

    What is the URL of the blog you lost?


    It is possible, but I still need it removed and so far cannot find anyone from wordpress who can actually do that for me. I do not have access to the blog anymore.

  4. Please be patient for a while longer - the staff check the forum on a regular basis - but I don't know their schedule - they have a good record of fixing these things

  5. You removed yourself from the blog rather than deleting it, but I have deleted it for you.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  6. It looks like we have already helped you in that thread.

  7. [email redacted]
    Please activate my account at this very url.
    When I log in through my username and password the theme appears different. But when i write [email redacted] this in the url space, I get another theme. Please solve this problem.

  8. Please open your own thread about this:

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