Why is my category list messed up?

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    I was updating the names of our categories, and organizing.

    On the front page if you select the category widget, at the bottom of the list you’ll see seven categories:
    The Crown Chakra
    The Third Eye Chakra
    The Throat Chakra
    The Heart Chakra
    The Solar Plexus Chakra
    The Sacral Chakra
    The Root Chakra

    Those all had slightly different names, and I just updated them to what they are now, then I moved the category “classes” (Now named “Online Classes/Retreats”) from under the Third Eye Chakra category to a new category named “Collective Projects”.

    Now those seven categories listed above aren’t showing up in the category list in my dashboard, and they all should have been under a category named “Chakra Centers”.

    Are the systems still updating or something?
    Any insight is greatly appreciated
    Loving Light!

    The blog I need help with is chakracenter.org.




    Anything? I think the wordpress systems glitched somehow, because I still can’t access those categories from my dashboard. I could use some serious help.



    i see the seven categories on the list. maybe its a slow computer or something!


    @narwhalgirl4 ya it shows up in the widget, but when I go to dashboard > posts > categories, they’re missing.


    Could someone call a staff member? I absolutely love you volunteers, but I’m afraid this is beyond us.


    Dude something’s seriously messed up, I just found some of those missing post categories in the link categories…



    That IS odd. I’ll flag this for staff, as that sounds like a bug to me.


    @raincoaster Thanks! I have no idea what’s going on ><



    Hi there,

    So you want Chakra Centers to be the parent of these seven categories? I’ll be checking the other items you mention out too, but I’d like to get this solved first!


    Yes, and I can’t view those seven categories from the dashboard, yet they seem to show up everywhere else like normal. 
    Also now I think the links categories might have been there before this happened. 
    Thank you!



    Ok, as a test, I searched for “the crown chakra” and it successfully showed up. But I noticed that when I hovered over it’s name and clicked “edit” it didn’t have its parent set. So I set the parent as “Chakra Centers” and saved. Then, once the page refreshed, it appeared as expected.


    So I would recommend that you search for each of the seven (now 6) missing categories and edit it to make sure that the parent is specified as “Chakra Centers” and then you should be all set!


    Thank you! thank you! thank you! It all looks better now :3



    So glad to be able to help!

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