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Why is my custom background suddenly mixing with the default background?

  1. Why is my custom background suddenly mixing with the default background on this theme?

    I've been using variations of this background for at least a year. Suddenly, today my custom background appeared mixed with elements of the original background. The background is mostly the one I created, but a portion of the default background became visible today at the top of the header, a design composed of wave shapes, circles, and lines. Also the original peach-colored background is visible at the bottom of page 1.

    These irregularities have never previously occurred since I began using Koi over a year ago. The same issues are present with a recent Firefox browser 14.0.1, and the latest Chrome browser.

    What's going on?
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  2. Also,

    Why did WordPress instantly close my most recent support request,

    And why, since it was posted today, did they describe it as "Started 42 years ago by musicdoc1"?

  3. This is the second report of this issue re: Koi
    I'm flagging this thread for Theme Staff attention and it will be moved to the Themes Forum.

  4. Well, count me third then. :)

    I've just noticed the very same problem on my blog ( ) and can't seem to fix it for now... It's a good thing my customized theme uses the same kind of colors as the original Koi theme, but I'd rather have the annoying picture removed - as it always was !

    Thanks for your attention, and please keep us posted if you learn anything new about this issue. ^^

  5. Please subscribe to the RSS feed in the sidebar of this thread, so you will be aware of what Staff have to say when they enter this thread, which hopefully will be before this weekend ends.

  6. Thanks, timethief. I subscribed, but have no idea how RSS feeds are received, or what Live Bookmarks is.

  7. For 3 yrs my Koi background color has been a lovely lavender.
    This weekend it reverted to the original dark beige, which does not suit me. The sidebar still has the setting as lavender but it's not 'taking'.

    It this a glitch or forcing us to spend money in order to customize?

    Thanks for your help.

  8. I assume is simply a bug and that when Themes Staff respond to it they will fix it.

  9. We recently made some enhancements to the Koi theme which accidentally led to the issues you've reported. It should all be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!

  10. Thank you. The correct color is back now, but the Koi design is missing.

  11. If you are referring to the top background image in the Koi theme, it's hidden whenever you set a custom background image or color.

  12. The Koi design was never hidden before this weekend, & I've had the lavender color since the beginning. What happened?

  13. As far as I'm concerned, problem fixed (but then I always replaced the Koi header image by my own, so whatever problem may be left with it or the background color won't affect my blog - luckily). Thanks !

  14. atebyatescrapbooking

    Same here, I was also experiencing the same issues at the tail end of last week with my Koi theme reverting back to its default background colour (the textured orange colour) and now that my background colour has changed back to the one I set it it, my Koi design is also missing. It was never missing even when I changed the background colour periodically and now it's gone, just like.dmtorbi's and if someone could please help me get it back, and soon because it's driving me crazy, that would be great.

  15. Ateby - Ditto!

  16. timethiefmedia

    See what Staff have said:

    There was a recent change to the Koi theme which hides the background image (the artwork you refer to) when a custom background color is chosen. Previously the image was hidden only if you had a background image uploaded.

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