Why is my domain not working??

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    I’ve been using a paid domain http://www.sahaye.com and it just doesn’t seem to work. However, wordpress.com is well accesible and works fine. Also, there isn’t a support email ID available for wordpress too.

    Please help asap!

    The blog I need help with is sahaye.com.


    First, there is no www in any URL used at wordpress.com. It should seamlessly redirect to the non-www domain name, but once in a while it does not.

    When I go to http://sahaye.com/ , I see a blog using Rubic titled “Straight from the Heart. Is that what I’m supposed to see?

    You might want to log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then take another look. If that does not work, shut down your computer and the start it up again so that the OS will clear the local DNS cache.

    Also, how long ago did you map the domain name to your blog here? It it was just with in the last day or so, it can take up to 72 hours for domain name propagation to make it all the way around the internet. How soon you would see the change depends on how often your ISP updates their DNS caches.




    http://www.sahaye.com is usually redirected to http://sahaye.wordpress.com but doesnt work anymore.
    – “Straight from the heart” – Yes, this is the blog title
    – Cookies, cache – cleared
    – browser – restarted
    – System reboot – done
    – done the above on 3 browsers ( ie, f.fox & chrome)
    – My domain has been mapped for over 2 years now and used to work seamlessly

    Still doesnt work. Please check.


    It is working just fine for me, so the issue is either with your computer or with your ISP (their DNS caches are corrupted or something like that).

    Do you have a friend that is perhaps on a different internet service provider where you could check your site from their computer?

    You might try clearing the DNS cache on your computer as explained here: http://www.techiecorner.com/35/how-to-flush-dns-cache-in-linux-windows-mac/ . If you are on Vista or Windows 7 then do a search on your computer help and you should find instructions.



    It looks like your name server settings are messed up – one to WordPress.COM and one to your registrar

    have a chat with your registrar and change them both the WordPress.COM

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