Why is my font size/style going crazy?

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    So, I decided to use the “More” separator tag for the first time on longer posts so more posts would be visible on one page. I have three pages so far. After I added more tags, the sidebar text (even the calendar!) and some add’l text all changed to italic on the first page, on the second the text size is huge in both the sidebar and the Post headings, and the third is the same. Goldilocks syndrome?



    I found a ‘workaround’ by placing the More tag somewhere else in the post not so close to text. It seems to ‘pick up’ the font size/style of whatever it’s right next to, and carry that through to everything near it. This isn’t really a solution because I am forced to place it somewhere in the post that I would otherwise not have chosen.

    Also sometimes the word (more) appears in green and sometimes in red, arbitrarily, even though the hot link text is green.



    You must close all tags before the more tag.

    If tags close after the more, then all a browser sees is the opening ones.
    Click the Code tab and check that way.

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