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Why is my formatting being removed every time I hit "publish" or "update"?

  1. Specifically, I have indented text that will not stay indented when I try to save a post. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, and I never had such a problem before. It's like indenting paraghaphs is not allowed anymore because saving just removes the indents. Is WordPress broken?

  2. EDIT: Problem temporarily solved by using blockquote tag, but I'd still like to know what is going on.

  3. I am having this problem too.

    I've tried making the text in my post coloured but when I press 'update post' it removes the formatting. I have even tried going into the html and adding the colour text code there but it still removes it when I save.

    I never had a problem with this before, what is going on?

  4. Using blackquote tag? what is that may I know some information about that?
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  5. Others seem to be having the same trouble right now...try logging out...restarting your browser, and logging back in.

    Also try clearing the browser cache →

  6. I tried that, but the problem remains unfortunately.

  7. I will try that if it will solve my problem. Thanks beemeister.

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  8. But now it appears to be gone. Yay!

  9. joemel...stop the spamming please.

  10. yassermetwally

    Effective from today i i found that text color and all other text format are gone once the post is published. For example if i change the color of a word into red, and i hit the publish button, the word color goes back into black and with it all other text formatting are gone
    Can some body help

  11. Have you reported this to Support yet? I'd do so.

  12. There's a bug. We're working on it.

  13. This should be fixed now.

  14. Thank you :-)

  15. Thank you all. Now... off I go to do some formatting!

  16. Yikes! I just edited a page (Past Exhibitions, on and lost all the formatting on the earlier material, as well as all the previously posted photographs. What I did was copy a chunk of text and photos from another one of my pages and then pasted it to the top of the Past Exhibitions page. When I hit Preview, nothing happened. So I hit Update Page, then Preview, and everything from the past was gone.

    I also tried the "restore" function to get back to the older version, but still all the photos and formatting are gone. Forever?

    (1) Is there any way to restore the old material, short of re-inserting and reformatting every item?

    (2) How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

    (3) How the heck do I report this to Support? I have been trying to find an email (or whatever) for them but no luck so far.

  17. Yeah, same thing happened to me. I lost all my formatting on a recent article and will now have to spend a ton of time getting it back to how it was before.

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