Why is my formatting doing this?

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    The pictures are all supposed to be lined up under themselves, left justifed, with the text to the right.



    We had this happen a few months ago and we never did work out a solution. Give me a sec to try something.



    One minor issue I do is is that you’ve got empty links to those images right at the top of the post. That’s kind of strange.

    You’ve also got some weird coding in here with ‘p’ tags mixed in with the ‘a’ tags.

    I cleaned it up a bit but it still looks weird.


    “empty links to those images right at the top of the post. “

    What does that mean?

    Where would the weird coding come from do you think?



    It might come if you copied the images or layout and pasted it into the blog. For whatever reason that often puts in very weird formatting strangenesses. You can see it if you use the HTML editor, and just strip those out. Be sure not to strip out the pictures, though!



    You had a bunch of:

    <a href="URL of an image"></a>

    links right at the top of the post. Nothing within the two tags so they didn’t show. It was rather strange actually.

    Still doesn’t solve your issue though.

    I’m going to post this into one of the mailing lists as it comes up from time to time and it raised it’s head on one of my own WPMu sites as well. I would like to see it resolved.

    The idea I had was putting hr tags in between each picture-month-description bit but that just went over as well.



    It’s funny you know, it’s displaying absolutely fine (I think!) in IE6.

    I have had this problem before and got round it thus:

    1. Switch off the Rich Text Editor!
    2. Format the picture with align=”left” (note this breaks web standards!)
    3. Write your text.
    4. After the text put this line of code in a few times:

    &nbsp; <br />

    This will put in a non-breaking space and a carriage return. Put it in as many times as necessary to get the next image to display on its own line.

    As I can’t see the problem in IE I am guessing that the images are stacking up against each other?



    He or she was doing the align=”left” tags in there.

    They went back through and went nuts on the <p align="left">&nbsp;</p> lines to make it work. We do need to find a resolution though on this.

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