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Why is my Google Map not working? Where's the automatic shortcode?

  1. On my page titled 'contact', I have been trying for ages to get a google map to show up. Everywhere in the forums and support site, it says that when I insert the iframe code WordPress will automatically generate the shortcode. This is not true.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have a look at the Google Maps Support page and read the additional info at the bottom just in case you've made one of these mistakes. It's hard for us to help much more as the blog linked to by your name is not hosted here at and the next best guess: is set to private.


  3. Some themes require you paste it into the Visual editor and some require you post it to the HTML editor. Try using the opposite of what you used before.

  4. @hallluke - my blog IS hosted here at Please see the link I provided above, and not the one my profile is linked to. And thanks for the link, but I did go through the support page... I really do try not to post things that I can find in the support documentation.

    @raincoaster - yeah, tried both... doesn't like either... is this a theme specific problem you think?

  5. Most likely, as that is a very new theme. I have several blogs, all on different themes and have never had a problem with this. The new themes, however are generating bug reports at a rapid pace. Do report this to staff via

  6. panaghiotisadam

    On the map does show up. Maybe you should clear your browser's cache and check again.

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