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Why is my gravatar does not show up?

  1. Good news. :)

  2. perfectionistgal

    Hm...people, I need some help, ok? and I don't wanna repeat this question again cause this supposed to be solved anyway, but it haven't! Please tell me what to do with this problem.

    I don't think I typed my email with typos and stuff. So really, does that mean the blogger needs to delete my comments?? If not, what can I ask to change in order to fix the error from not showing my uploaded gravatar?

    Solve this PLEASE.

  3. It's like TT said:

    Please read this entire thread and follow the instructions provided. If you are experiencing problems then go to the gravatar site and read the FAQs as it contains common questions and answers to them

    It's a Gravatar issue. You have to talk to Gravatar.

  4. I agree there is something weird going on with avatars too, but I don't see how it can be a problem at gravatar's end in my case.

    Mine shows up fine, both in here, on my profile page, at my own blog and a few others I visit. But when I visit one specific person blog it doesn't appear there, I get one of those generic monster things instead, and I'm not the only one.

    She assures me she hasn't changed any settings, but there's at least 3 of us, including the blog owner, who are finding our avatars no longer show up there, yet other user's avatars still show up fine.

  5. IMO that's an indication that the blogger in question (not you but the woman your refer to) needs to contact gravatar Staff aka as Staff. :)

  6. I've suggested that, but she's rather rushed off her feet at the minute, so I don't think she's gotten around to contacting anyone yet, which is why I thought I'd ask while I was here.

    What I really don;t get though, is why would some avatars work fine, but others that do work everywhere else, not work on just on her blog?

  7. yeah, i changed my gravatar but it doesn't show as the new one, just the old one :/
    and the new one only shows on blogs i haven't commented on yet...why won't it?

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