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Why is my HTML being stripped out?

  1. I am copying the code from PayPal and most of it is disappearing after I click "save." I cannot figure out why.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some code is forbidden on

    We can use the plain html code from PayPal:

  3. I seem to be having a problem with pasting a PayPal HTML code into my Text widget to make a donation button. Has anyone had and solved this problem before?

  4. Yes, I have done it. You just have to use the plain code, not the code for websites:

    Click on Create Button.
    You will see two (2) sets of code: html code Website and a link for Email. Believe it or not, you do not want the the code for websites. does not let users post web forms so the website code would be stripped. You must use the code found in Link for Emails. This is the link that you want to attach to your actual button image. Keep this window open, as you will need to copy that URL in a bit.

    see the picture here:

  5. Thank you very much 1tess, I'm working on it!

  6. It worked! My head was about to split, but finally, it worked. THANK YOU!

  7. Great! And you are welcome.

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