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Why is my latex "blacked out" on my blog?

  1. How do I correct my LaTeX on my blog?

    $latex CO_2$

    Is that correct?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are a very limited number of folks who use and can help out with LaTeX questions. Unfortunately I am not one of them.

    You did see the LaTeX support doc? There are a couple of reference docs at the very bottom which might help.

  3. That's an oversight in the CSS of the theme (the vertical alignment is also bad). You should post about this in the Themes forum, which is monitored by the WP theme team.

  4. I'll move this thread to the Themes Forum…

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  7. Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate the effort so far.

  8. Well, the thread is still modlooked. We volunteers cannot help.

    Please be patient until a staff person can help. There are quite a few posts which have pending needs for attention from staff.

  9. I've re-added the tag since it seems to have disappeared.

    LaTeX problem still evident on this post

  10. This LaTeX code is correct:
    <br /> $latex CO_2$<br />
    I tried it in a test blog using the Enterprise theme, and it worked fine there. I then changed the theme to Sight, which caused the LaTeX to be blacked out. This is definitely a problem with the theme, like justpi said.

    If you don't want to change your theme, there's a temporary work-around. Click on the Text tab in the WordPress visual editor and enter this HTML:
    <br /> CO<sub>2</sub><br />
    It will render the chemical formula for carbon dioxide correctly in the Sight theme.

    Fred Chapman (Math PhD and LaTeX Lover)

  11. I flagged this thread with "staff attn - Themes Staff" as it appears to have slipped their notice.

  12. And I see that someone has re-added the modlook tag to get Staff assistance. Thank you.

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for the report, and I'm sorry for the hassle. We'll take a closer look and reply to this forum thread with updates.

  14. @onanel - does this earlier forum post help at all (look towards the bottom at ardpete's replies to mathgarage). (sorry if not, I'm rather clutching at straws here)

    @bryanvillarin-Can you ask someone from the Theme team have a look at this? If it is, as Panos' mentioned above two weeks ago, a problem with the CSS, perhaps there is a simple fix? Thanks.

  15. justjennifer, the problem in the other forum discussion you mentioned was that mathgarage used the wrong syntax to invoke LaTeX processing in WordPress. The standard LaTex syntax is $ ... $ but WordPress changes that to $latex ... $. onanel is already using the correct LaTeX syntax for WordPress. This is purely a CSS issue.


  16. I was inspecting the CSS on onanel's blog. LaTeX on WordPress renders formulas as images using a PHP script. Here's the code being used to generate the chemical formula for carbon dioxide:

    The call to latex.php includes a parameter bg which specifies the background color for the image. Changing the parameter to use white as the background color produces the desired result:

    The alignment of the image is a separate issue and needs to be solved by tweaking the theme's CSS.


  17. Thanks for answering Fred, appreciated.

    Apparently, then, we will have to wait until the Theme team corrects this.

  18. Here's the CSS which fixes the alignment problem for LaTeX in the Sight theme:

    'img.latex {
    border: none;
    vertical-align: -20%;

  19. Jennifer, you are very welcome! -Fred

  20. Whoops, that CSS code didn't render the way I intended. Let me try again.

    img.latex {
    border: none;
    vertical-align: -20%;
  21. Can you ask someone from the Theme team have a look at this?

    @justjennifer: Yes, I've reported this to them in my previous reply, and I'm waiting to hear back.

  22. I just wanted to let you know that we've updated the background color so LaTeX will appear again. Props to Caroline for the fix.

    I hope this helps! :-)

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