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Why is my post not showing up on the tag list page

  1. I'm having the problem with one of my post again with it not showing up on the tag-list pages.
    I didn't want to surf through pages of threads to find my other thread on this subject, so I hope it's okay that I started this one. If not, please delete it.

    Please look at this post and tell me why it isn't showing up on any of the tag-list pages :

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please consult this entry > missing posts >
    Also note that Categories and/or tags ought to be single keywords wherever possible, 2 - 3 key word phrases are barely going to make it. A combined total of more than 10 relevant Categories and/or tags on any single post is considered to be excessive.

  3. Apparently, I'm not understanding what the problem is. I'm careful with my tags and only choose the ones that are relevant. I only have 9 tags, so that is just confusing to me why that's a problem.
    I don't have my post listed in 10 Categories, I have it listed in 2 categories and should have listed it in one more the 'gardening & yard'

    So, if I take the spaces out between the tag words, then my post will show up in the listings?
    But what if someone types in 'those words with spaces' in my search box, the post won't show up in the search list because the words won't match one un-spaced string word.
    If it's the spaces between words, then the search box for the 'visitors to use' needs to have directions on it telling them not to put in spaces.

    At this point, I'm not sure what I should do. If it means my visitors can find what their searching for easier, I guess I'll just have to remain banned from the listings,, you are the best. (You need to work on the tag/search/listings, but other than that you're super.) I thank you for being here and a fun 7 months. Keep up your great service.

    Thank you Timethief for responding so quickly. I really do appreciate it.
    I apologize for breaking so many rules.
    I'll move my blog to another blog-service.

  4. Hello there,
    I cannot help you beyond the assistance I have already offered. I suggest that you contact Staff and have them address your issues.

  5. I contacted support.
    Thank you for trying to help.

  6. Best wishes for a happy ending.

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