Why is my question being ignored?

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    I have tried for 4 hours now to get anybody to help me with why my new blog won’t show any share buttons or the like button? My blog is http://dancingenchantment.wordpress.com. What is the problem here? I’ve read all the forum questions on the issue, cleared cache, and cookies, rebooted, made sure my firefox was updated, tried my blog on explorer and chrome and they are all the same? What gives? I usually get a tech answer within 30 minutes. Today nobody will respond.

    The blog I need help with is dancingenchantment.wordpress.com.



    When editing your site, go to the dashboard > settings > sharing. Make sure that the “Show buttons on…” boxes are checked appropriately.

    But to answer your question, people don’t answer your questions because they have no incentive to answer. Next time you might try a venue that is better suited for answering questions, such as http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/.



    That makes no sense: the average response time in this forum is less than five minutes. It was just a slow day on the forum, and two of the most prolific volunteers were offline.


    @spiritmeadow This forum is run mostly by volunteers, with staff helping out when we can’t. You generally have to wait until someone is here who knows the answer to your question, it’s a matter of being patient, that’s all.

    To answer your question, your blog IS showing like and share buttons, I can see them. They are, however, only showing on the Post view of each post, in other words, when the title of the post is clicked, they are showing on the page that comes up, not on the home page view. You can change this by going to your settings and to the Share page, and change the options of where you’d like the buttons to show.

    Scroll down the the ‘customizing sharing options’ info on this page:


    I hope that helps. If it doesn’t, please return to this thread and let us know.


    It also doesn’t hurt to read through the Support pages:


    Most questions can be answered there without needing to post on these boards at all.



    Also asking what looks like the same question three times tends to irritate those who would help you – some volunteers in the forum have a no answer someone that keeps posting the same question



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    duplicate posts:

    Please, find your previous threads by clicking on your name at the top right of the forums. That will show the topics you have already started. Also, if you start a thread, it would be useful to you to subscribe so that when someone answers a thread you will be notified. The subscribe function is in the right sidebar of these forums.



    +1 for notawoodpecker’s reply.


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