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Why is my reader not functioning?

  1. loveandlunchmeat

    My reader is not loading posts or even topics... It's completely nonfunctional this morning.
    Blog url:

  2. Please first be sure that you have cleared your browser cache and cookies and be sure you are running the latest stable browser version then try again.
    clearing your browser cache and cookies >
    updating the browser to the latest stable version (not a buggy BETA browser version)
    If the problem persists Staff have been helping bloggers with Reader issues in this active thread As you can post to it and get help there I'll flag this thread for closure.

  3. loveandlunchmeat

    I did all of the above. It is still not working.

  4. Thanks for posting into the thread where Staff are helping others with reader issues. We don't need to post into this thread anymore. It's flagged for closure.

  5. Actually, this sounds like maybe a separate issue compared to the other thread.

    @loveandlunchmeat, I tested the reader with Safari 5.1.2 and I didn't run into any troubles at all. I also tested your account directly and the reader worked fine for me. Could you please reply with a little more detail such as if you see any error messages or if you see most of the page load and then you just see a spinner where posts should be?

    Also, is there any chance you are able to test from an alternate browser on the same computer? That may help rule out any local browser settings issues.

  6. loveandlunchmeat

    It is not the browser itself, as an old blogging identity (that I was never able to delete) is able to browse topics in the reader. It's just the reader for loveandlunchmeat that isn't working.

    In foxfire it appears to work, but I rarely use foxfire...

  7. loveandlunchmeat

    Actually now neither browser is loading the reader. Both work for everything else, but go completely grey when I click on the reader.

  8. loveandlunchmeat

    It still is not working in either browser. It's not working on my cell phone either. It's clearly a WORDPRESS ISSUE and not browser incompatibility.

  9. It might be your local network is blocking it somehow. I've tested the Reader from my location in several browsers and I've also checked over the loveandlunchmeat account, and I haven't been able to find any problems at all so far in my testing. In addition, I don't see any other users reporting this as a problem, so I think that is working and there is either a local issue on your side that is the source of the problem or there is something very specific about your Reader Tab that I haven't been able to figure out based on the information you have provided so far.

    What I need is some way to repeat the problem or more information about the problem. Do you know how to run a tool such as Firebug and load the Reader with the console tab open? It might be possible to catch some data that way that will help to pinpoint what might be happening. Other than that, I have tested it tons and I do know that it's working in my tests! Sorry I haven't been able to find a problem on the side yet that accounts for what you're reporting.

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