Why is my site not loading correctly on other users computers?

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    My site is not loading correctly. A viewer currently has to click into each post. Otherwise the text is off the screen to the left and images are off the screen to the right.
    Blog url: http://mattystanfield.wordpress.com/



    Everything seems to be fine at http://mattystanfield.com/

    Would you please ask them which browser (and version of) they’re using?


    Safari 5.1.7 also a problem on Firefox. Is there a way I can attach screenshots so that you can see what I’m seeing?



    Yes, if you can get full screenshots, please upload them via Media -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard so I can take a look.

    Also, please have them confirm which version of Firefox.


    I do have two screenshots and will upload them to my media on dashboard so that you can see.

    The Firefox version is 3.6.28

    The formatting/load problem is fixed if one clicks into the individual post title.

    Odd, that.

    thanks for helping!


    I just uploaded the screenshot to my media ‘add new’ on dashboard so you can see what I’m seeing. ?



    Ok, it looks like the stylesheet isn’t loading for you.

    Would you please try updating to Firefox 13? Firefox 3.6 is a bit out of date.


    Sure. I will do that. But, how will that solve the problem with my computer which uses Safari?



    Somehow the photos in your most recent post (the-photography-of-anton-corbijn) are displaying with nested caption boxes, and it’s messing up how the page is loading. That could have happened if you tried reordering your photos by dragging them around in your Visual Editor in the post editor screen.

    I’d recommend redoing that post (create a new post, grab your photos from your Media Library, and publish, and then trash the old one). If that doesn’t resolve things, let us know.


    Thanks for your help.

    I enlisted the assistance of my brother in NYC and he was able to fix the problem.

    I’m not sure what he did, but he is a web designer and said he saw the problem — something involving the way the Anthem Theme was not connecting to WordPress.com. ???

    I could not follow what he did, but the problem is resolved.



    Thanks for letting us know you’ve got this working now!

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