why is my site suspended?

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    I would like to know why my site is suspended when it is about making money online?
    also it is my own domain name and I have paid for the upgrade for a year?
    I had no notice of this and my members that post are wondering what is going on?
    Please inform me at my email address on why you suspended my account without notification.



    Hi there.

    Staff don’t generally read the forums, only other bloggers do. But I can tell you this: commercializing your blog is specifically against teh contract you agreed to when you got a free WordPress.com blog.


    Advertising is against the rules. SEO gaming is against the rules. Selling services or goods is against the rules. Looking at the google cache of your blog, it’s clear it was a ToS violation that got your blog suspended. If you want to run that kind of blog, you’re going to have to find an independent web host and run your own install of WordPress software from WordPress.org.

    WP.com blogs are offered free of charge specifically because they are NOT business sites.


    Thanks for the info then they are gonna have to tell me why they took my money. Since it is my own domain name..

    I will get to the bottom of this hen I get home

    Thanks for the INFO you have been a great help

    I paid for the blog…….that is the only way I could use my own domain name



    They took your money to do the domain mapping. You did not pay for the blog; you paid for the domain mapping service. You got the blog for free.

    You are free to take that name and start a different blog elsewhere using it; there are instructions for that on the front page of the forum, since a couple of people have been asking about it lately.



    It can not be repeated too regularly that if folk want commercial blogs with all the benefits and headaches that implies, they should not host on WP dot com to start with.



    http://wordpress.com/tos/ Section 2, 5th bullet
    Please read me frist before posting https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=3700

    We do not offer refunds on credits or products purchased on WordPress.com.



    If you want further clarification, contact staff at support [at] wordpress.com




    I logged on today only to discover that my blog was suspended. Could someone please tell me WHY? I have been posting content on here for over a year and have always tried to maintain the terms of service. I’ve never accepted spam (or posted as such) or marketed material to others, etc. Please contact me as soon as possible.

    gspence1173 (my blog) (suspended)



    I’m sorry that was a mistake. Your blog is back and I apologise for the shock.



    thank you for the great, prompt service!


    YAY! another happy ending. :)



    Souls of Window. The TOS is displayed on the site at all times – it was displayed BEFORE your money was taken. You signed up and agreed to abide by those conditions BEFORE your money was taken…

    When your money was taken, it was to allow you to follow what you had agreed to.

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