Why is my stats so low?

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    vinnieh, let’s wait longer. :)

    Actually, everyone, it might be better to let the updates run and then look at this issue again on Monday. Some other pretty big updates will be happening next week too.



    Thanks for the information, hope all is resolved soon.


    me too :)



    apetcher is absolutely correct: There is a problem with the stats. The main traffic on my blog comes from Germany, the US and the UK . Today, Germany and the UK are down to almost non-existent and, again different WordPress stats count different. The gadget is upt to 1211 in the meantime, while Stats new and old trail behind at 585. I really would appreciate if this obvious problem were to be solved, rather than sitting and waiting for the God of Random Computing to resolve it … until next time.


    Thanks mountaincoward!

    Okay, I looked at https://wordpress.com/my-stats/?view=table for http://mountaincowardadventures.wordpress.com/ and I see the number for Dec 5 is 68, which looks a little higher than average compared to the last three weeks for averages listed in the table. There are other days with numbers in the 30s, but that looks reasonable compared to other dates in the table like Nov 22 and Nov 23. I cannot predict why there are fewer views on some days. I do know that sometimes things slow down in December in general for our overall WordPress.com stats and I think it’s because of the holidays and that lots of people take extra time away from the computer around this time of year. For Dec 6 in your stats table, I see a really small number, but that’s because Dec 6 isn’t over yet and the stats aren’t updated in perfect real time, so if you want to look at the Dec 6 number, we should check back on that tomorrow.

    Yeah, my stats for 5 Dec just said 31 this morning and yesterday they said about 9. Now, suddenly, they say 68 which is much more normal. Seems like some kind of lag…


    There are some updates happening in the background.



    Everything is now working again. Thank You.


    bananabatman, yay! Thanks so much for the note.


    It’ve done 300 plus in an hour. Think it’s working again




    Am I in line for help with not being able to add links. I’ve cleared cache and all that..still no luck.



    Nevermind…now works LoL


    My stats seem to be recovering now too :-)



    Sorry! I broke it. When adding a new data center in the UK there was a bug that caused about 90% of views from UK and surrounding countries to not be recorded. Once we realized what was happening we devised a plan to restore the missing stats. During the restoration process, all stats globally were delayed 2-3 hours. We expected there to be some delay, but not for it to be that long, otherwise we would have mentioned something in advance. Everything is fixed now though, so I’m going to mark this thread as resolved.



    Thank you for the good work


    Excellent – thank you for reporting back.




    Thanks for the feedback, and honesty. Very much appreciated by all I suspect.

    Kind regards



    Great – thanks for letting us know what happened and glad it’s all okay now :-)



    Thanks for all the help, glad everything is back to normal.



    Thank you for the fix and updates.



    on 6 December I had several issues and believe the total number is much lower than expected. from midnight until about 03:00 GMT I had no visitors and no page views even though I typically have up to 500 page views by this time. Once the issue was fixed the count started from the time of the fix. On other occasions when there were stat issues the count corrected itself.

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