Why is one of my Pilcrow pages acting weird while others don't?

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    As you can see here,


    I have a little problem at the far right side, the “Leave A Reply” is stuck in where the sidebar would be, but it’s only doing this on one page, the rest look fine. How do I get rid of that?? I even tried changing the option to “one column no sidebar” on this one, even though I set my blog that way before I ever began. That isn’t helping on this page….

    The blog I need help with is honeybunch55.wordpress.com.


    You have the image set as “left-aligned which means the text after it will wrap around it. Open the post in the editor, click on the image, click on the edit image icon (upper left of the image) and select “none” as alignment and then update the image and update the post.



    That did it! :) I checked my other pages and they all say “alignnone,” which is what I tried typing in on the page with the issue (actually I just typed in “none” and it worked). So now, we’re good. I didn’t know such a small thing would make such a difference.

    And now I also know what to do if I DO want text to wrap around an image…

    Thanks for another “resolved” topic…!


    You are welcome, but left aligning an image should not cause the comment stuff to slide up and to the right of the image. That is a bug in the theme that really needs to be fixed.



    As I recall, in experimentation with this new venture I have previously set certain images to left-align due to fears of having edges cut off, etc. And I’ve never noticed this issue at all until now. But then I’ve only been using the (otherwise) marvelous Pilcrow for a short time…

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