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Why is only the word advertisement showing up and no actually ad?

  1. I have been running WordAds for over a month. A couple days ago the ad disappeared and now all you can see is the word ADVERTISEMENT. Please get my ads up and running. I also requested triple unit ads, would this have something to do with it?
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  2. When did triple ads start for you? Because that's the way it was for me for the first couple of days (may have even been a week). Maybe just wait and see for a while.

  3. I advise against waiting and seeing. I received an earnings notice for the first month of Word Ads and none since, so eventually I emailed and asked; it seems that Word Ads were suspended on my blog after the first month and, had I not asked, nothing would ever have happened to get them restarted.

  4. Thanks for the info, triple ads have not started yet. I'm going to email, thank you. I thought I would get a response from WordPress with this post?

    your comments are very appreciated :)

  5. Nobody has flagged this "modlook" so there's no particular reason staff would look into it.

  6. I did flag it previously and I have flagged it again now.

  7. nature789, your ads seem to be just fine. By any chance, did you disable or uninstall Flash?

  8. macmanx thanks for the comment, no I did not do a thing and I tried going on a completely different computer and still could not see them... For anyone interested I did receive an email response from WordPress and all is back to normal as of Sept 3. Just a fluke, I appreciate WordPress customer service.

  9. By the way, looks like the problem was with Goggle Chrome.

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