Why is real author name displayed? how change?

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    sorry in advancei find this hard to explain:

    One of the people contributing to my blog wants to keep their real name a secret. And for the most part it is kept secret throughout the blog on wordpress

    However the url shown herep (with, of course, the correct name inserted at the end) shows that their name is “NAMEOFPERSON”

    looking at: kothea.wordpress.com/author/”nameofperson”/

    how can this precise thing be changed? I’ve looked through profiles, gravatar profiles, hover profiles and I don’t know what else but can’t seem to find it.

    Obviously somewhere NAMEOFPERSON set the displayed name to be FRED or whatever. And FRED shows when a post is made. But the originally created NAMEOFPERSON remains as an author folder to the blog

    consequently i assume it was created when the user originally registered and cannot be changed? is this right?

    The blog I need help with is blog.kothea.com.



    I’m a co author to a blog and I’m keen to see the reply.



    help still appreciated…


    I’m interested in finding out about this as well…



    This is easy.

    It means they created the user account under their real name. If they do not want their real name to be searchable, they must stop using that account and create a new one. You may notice when you post in the forums your original name shows up, no matter what you change the display name to.

    The person will have to create a different account, associated with a different email, and then you invite that person to become a blog contributor. They have to stop using the old account. The old account, however, remains traceable, although as time goes on less and less so.



    ty for clarifying.

    that’s not very good tho is it !

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