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why is soundcloud showing up as a url in my post instead of a audio player

  1. soundcloud appears as url in my post or not at all
    Blog url:

  2. Hello
    I have waited over 1 day to get help so that i can add music sound cloud to my blog it worked in the past so i don't know why it keeps showing the url or the title in the post but no music I am so very upset i have edited my post over twenty times trying to get it to show the soundcloud and play the music please help

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  4. You're just linking to SoundCloud. You need to use the shortcode to embed it:

  5. I added the embeded code and i went to settings to make sure that the auto embed was checked and it is but the url shows up in the edited verison but no soundcloud in the published post
    please help

  6. You seem to have it working just fine:

  7. No i still cannot get the sound cloud to show up in my post
    I just checked it and it is not there when i click edit it shows up in the edited verision but not in the pub post.

  8. It's appearing just fine for me, here's what I see:

    Are you referring to a different post?

  9. That is a old post as i said before it use to work but in my June 2012 post it does not show up i really don't understand i thank you for your patience with me. help

  10. Your browser is turning the URL portion of the shortcode into a link when pasting. It happens, but it's rare.

    In your editor, do you see how it's underlined and blue?

    Highlight that, and click the button the look like a broken chain to the right of the link button.

    This will break the link, and the shortcode should work properly.

  11. Thank you ,
    That worked and my problem is resolved

  12. You're welcome!

  13. I am reporting the same problem.

  14. I don't think this issue has been resolved even for @tiranstyles. I see the same blank screen on her blog as what it shows on mine. However, the issue seems to be related to HTML5 at Soundcloud website itself. I see the same blank grey screen when I try to grab the WordPress shortcode from Soundcloud. It works if you grab the Flash code instead.

  15. Ok, I'll move over to your thread.

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