Why is the category menu not displaying on my blog?

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    Hi, I’ve been diligently creating categories for my posts as I put them up, using the duotone theme, but the only way viewers have been able to find posts under, for example, the ‘Italy’ category, is through the search box.

    I have just discovered, from looking at someone else’s blog using this theme, that I can place a categories menu at the top or side bar. So, I’ve added the categories widget to my blog, saved it and checked the site. Nothing has changed. I’ve even tried to create a custom menu for categories to see if that makes any difference, but still I am not seeing anything come up on my blog. Any ideas why it isn’t working?

    Thanks for any input!

    The blog I need help with is thedailypost.me.



    I guess you resolved this, as I’m seeing a top menu that includes the categories Italy, Cuba etc.

    A note on categories and tags: they are the same pool of data, so there’s absolutely no point using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag, plus you’ll run into technical problems when you do that.


    Yes, it turned out that it was working but even if I refreshed the web page or closed it and went in again it didn’t register the changes. What I had to do was go to a different post other than the home post and it would register the changes on all the pages (strange).

    You beat me to it before I managed to say that I’d resolved it but I didn’t know about the category and tag duplicate problem so thanks for pointing it out to me. I have some duplicates so I think that could have added to another of my problems earlier.




    You’re welcome.
    You’re probably using a browser version that clings too much to cached pages (smells like Explorer…). In such cases you should try clearing your browser’s cache.

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