Why is the featured posts navigation arrow not showing up?

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    Hi! The featured posts navigation arrow in my blog’s iTheme2 is not working. I have 8 posts with sticky post and featured images now. It used to work fine before. Help please? :)
    Blog url: http://seekersportal.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is seekersportal.wordpress.com.



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    @ TimeThief – Thank you so much for the assistance.

    Just an additional information, I change my background color on a monthly basis at the same time I change my featured posts. Maybe that causes the malfunction? :)



    I don’t think the two are related but please wait for Staff to assist you.


    This may be related to the fact that the featured slider posts are also showing up in the body of the page–When I first found that bug a few days ago the slider arrows were also missing. They’re back now, but the slider posts are still showing up in the body. The work-around I found doesn’t seem to be working now. Staff, please help!
    Thanks @timethief !


    I have the same combination of error, the slider buttons are not available and the posts with a featured image show up in the body. I’ll just wait until this gets resolved.


    I’ve observed that this error normally occurs when I add a new post or edit a post on my blog. Help please? :)

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