Why is the first page of my other blog not loading properly on my profile page?

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    I am trying to load all of my links (twitter/facebook/WP/YouTube etc onto my profile page so they all show on my gravatar and profile. All of them are loading okay except for http://thisisangiesblog.blogspot.co.uk
    This one will not load the front page at all – the link works but the page is just grey.
    Can you help me at all?

    The blog I need help with is angelajardine.com.



    Hi there, is this the link you mean?

    Sleeping with the cat … | … a wry look at life and writing from behind the sofa..png

    When I click the link I reach a working Blogspot blog.

    Do you still need any help with this?



    Hi Kathryn – no that’s not the link. I know that one works.

    It’s when you hover over my Gravatar and then click to view the full profile. You will see at the bottom of that that my blogspot link is just a grey page rather than my blog page with all the pictures on it.

    I just can’t seem to get it to load although the grey page link will take you to the site.



    Ah, I see! You’re referring to your Gravatar page:

    It looks like the thumbnail was captured before the Blogspot page had fully loaded. That may be because the Blogspot site takes a while to load fully with all the images. You might try removing and re-adding the link in your Gravatar profile, but that’s not something within our control to fix manually.



    Thanks for this kathryn … I don’t think it is going to work as I have tried it several times.

    It looks like you are right and that because the landing page of the blog is so complex and takes time to load I will not be able to get it onto my Gravatar page. It still links when clicked on so I shall have to be content with that.

    I am most grateful for your patience in helping me with this.

    Kind regards



    You’re most welcome, Angie. Happy blogging. :-)

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