why is the layout of my blog messed up?

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    Hello and thanks for your time. i´m blogging from South America, the land of ancient browsers, and noticed that when i look at my own blog, the stuff that is usually to the right (tag cloud, other blog recommendations, topics, etc) is now way at the bottom, and the thin window to the right has posts in it… which is very strange and looks terrible. I thought it was just these browsers messing it up, but my brother back in the states says that it looks that way for him, too. Any solution?
    Blog url: http://danielharrington.wordpress.com/



    There was some bad HTML in this post on your blog:

    I fixed the issue and the blog is now loading fine for me. Let me know if it’s working for you too.

    For more information about troubleshooting layout issues on your blog, see here:


    beautiful. thanks so much!

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