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Why is the layout of my blog not the way it's supoosed to be?

  1. This is all fixed up now. Sorry for the trouble!

  2. Thank you for helping

  3. Hey its me again. :-( Now is better, but my post are in incorrect order :-( Can I change it by myself?

  4. Thank you. Looking good now.

  5. Back to normal! Thank you

  6. Both my blogs appear without template, looking like a page in a telephone book. And I went to see 3 friends' blogs, and the same happened! No template!
    My two blogs are at

    One of my friends is

  7. thistimethisspace

    Your two blogs both use the Regulus theme and I'm thinking that Themes Staff may be upgrading that very old theme. I have flagged this thread so Support Staff will nudge Themes Staff and have them respond to this thread.

  8. To Thistimethisspace

    Yes, my template is old, but very pretty. However, I also looked up three of my WordPress friends and their blogs appear without template, all in one column, and d'Agostino's blog is black with blue writing!

    I use Firefox.
    Anyway, if it is just a temporary bug, never mind.

  9. Those blogs seem to be just fine. Would you please try clearing your browser's cache?

  10. To Thistimethisspace
    and Macmanx

    All is fine now, but it was chaos yesterday, mainly because I SIMPLY thought that at WordPress they were implementing some great wonderful new feature and the novelty was creating a little collateral damage. That new dashboard! A mile of options and links!

    Anyway, now all is well again.
    Thank you very much.

  11. HELP! I have the same problem here and do not know what to do! I can not the programming language - just a normal user. I´m working quite a lot with the blogg and have many visitors every day - so please help me asap! It does not work with Firefox and Internet explorer!

    Thank you in advance!


  12. Hi again, I have tried every single thing you recommended abowe and nothing works. Is it possible that you could fix this thing for me?

  13. Hi again! I found the bugg in one of the comments and the problem is now resolved!!!

    If someone else is having same kind of problems - CHECK THE COMMENTS FIRST!!!! USE THE DATE WHEN YOU GOTT THE PROBLEM!

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