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Why is the layout of my blog not the way it's supoosed to be?

  1. Hi,

    For the past several days my blog hasn't been properly displaying posts. Instead of showing 4 or 5 posts in reach row, it shows them one on top of the other. I've tried clearing the cache, but that hasn't helped. I've asked several friends to view the blog and they see the same thing I see, which means it's not browser related.

    Blog url:

  2. Have a look through the advice on this page:

    if following that advice doesn't help, please come back here to this thread and we'll try to help some more.

  3. I have exactly the same problem with imbalance 2. As of today, posts are suddenly showing in a single column on the left instead of the usual four centered on the page. There's nothing in the theme setting or layout that points to a solution. It does the same in Firefox, Safari and Opera and on other computers.

  4. I've flagged this for staff to look at. Please be patient.

  5. @muggie77 and @ldalkarl - I've just tried setting my test blog to Imbalance 2 and managed to replicate the problem. So please try this: Go to the dashboard for your blog and on the left you'll see 'Appearance'. Click on that and choose 'Theme options'. Now on the 'Enable fluid grid layout' choose 'No' and then click the Save Option button.

    With luck that should do the trick.

    However, I'll leave this modlooked for now as, even with the fluid grid layout off, a single column still shouldn't happen (unless I'm missing something).

  6. The same thing is happening to me. I've tried to change the grid settings in theme options from fluid to the opposite but it still gives the same non wanted result.

    One thing i should mention is that in my blog I have a home button and a header, just for testing, and when i click one and then the other several times it makes layout of imbalance 2 in the correct way. But then when i click just one time the home button or on the header it gives me the dam left column for the posts again..

  7. @absurdoldbird - Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried that one and every other option available. None of it makes any difference. I hope there's an easy fix because I don't really have time to deal with this and in the meantime visitors to my blog see a very silly layout.

  8. @marcocantunes - I don't know if this might have some clues in it (it's a bit over my head, but you might be able to figure it out):

    Maybe there's a setting that's got buggy in what you've done with the full width header?

  9. I have the same problem as @muggie77 :-( but only in Opera browser, and sometimes in Chrome too.

    Please help us :-)

  10. @kajettanus
    Your issue is a CSS editing issue. It's not the same issue the other have her in this thread.

  11. @kajettanus
    Maybe I'm wrong so I have flagged this thread for a Staff response.

  12. @timethief

    Do you know exactly what is wrong with my CSS?

  13. No but not to worry as this thread is flagged for Staff attention and Staff support comes with the CSS upgrade.

  14. Ok, Thank You! I hope that will help me :-)

  15. Me too.

  16. martinaminnucci

    i have the same problem with imbalance 2 theme! please we need help as soon as possible because the damn left column is horrible!

  17. @timethief

    Do you know how long we have to wait for a change? :-(
    It's realy important thing for us. I think you understand that...

  18. I'm sorry. It's the weekend and I don't know how long it will take for Staff to address this.

  19. @absurdoldbird

    I went to both links you posted, and nothing there helped. I don't know programming, so it's nothing in the code that I changed myself. All I can say is my last 3 posts have pictures inserted in them, but I've inserted pictures before and nothing happened.

  20. @absurdoldbird

    We have to wait for Staff reaction. I don't know how long but....

  21. Everyone - just wait please. Staff don't usually work here at weekends, but I'm sure they'll attend to this as soon as they can, when they get back. Just be patient.

  22. I am facing the same problem for my blog using the Imbalance 2 theme I noticed it yesterday and have been monitoring similar threads and waiting for a response from the staff.

  23. I forgot to mention that I am having the issue only in Firefox. The layout shows fine in Chrome, Safari and IE. I just tried a force refresh in Firefox (Ctrl+F5) and my layout starts showing up in four columns like it is supposed to. Look here ( for instructions to force refresh for other browsers.

    However after doing a force refresh when I do a simple refresh (F5) again it goes back to the single column layout. I also tried clearing cookies and cache and this problem still exists. Hope the support team is looking into this soon.

  24. We're looking into this now. Sorry for the trouble!

  25. You're all fixed up now.

    Please let us know if it ever happens again.

  26. @timethief

    Still not works for me. :-( I think this is a CSS editing issue, but I didn't make any chages in last 2 weeks before it happened.

    what can I do now?

  27. Sorry, I could only double-check with the users who posted their blog URLs here.

    What is the URL of the affected blog?

  28. I'm sorry :)

  29. Ah, interesting. We're looking into that now.

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