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Why is the payment system for services so painful

  1. I am trying to pay for a $99 bundle of services to include domaine - your credit card only services are restrictive for UK debit card users and my switch to opt for paypal as an alternate failed after 5 attempts - taking money must be an important objective for any company and your company seem to be making it hard work - action please soon. PJ

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but the methods of payament are what they are. As we Volunteers answering questions on these peer support forums cannot address any financial issues I'll flay this thread for a Staff response.

  3. We don't have any restrictions in UK.

    What sort of errors are you seeing?

  4. Thanks for the responses - first made the error of trying to pay for wordpress service costs with a debit card - problem - seems to be credit cards only - second - tried to switch to paypal - continually reverted to pre-clicked credit card application process - refused to process to paypal - ok - not a big deal will try again with a new application (time perhaps doesn't have a value) - point remains the same - why make it hard when you can make it easy?

  5. It now gets worse!!
    The transaction runs fine TILL....
    Move to Paypal having selected $99 option - call for confirmation asks for $25 the base price - select to hope it debits the full amount - NO - takes the $25 then confrims that the amount does not agree - cancel - all data entry lost start again

  6. Hello there,
    This thread is again flagged for Staff attention.

  7. I know some people that have used debit cards to pay for upgrades on WordPress.COM - they all live in the U.S. - I would not think the place of residence would make a difference

  8. Please try lots and lots of flags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Attempted to pay$99 3 separate times - each time confirmation of payment called for $25 and then confirmed the amount did not agree - each time lost data

    Gave up - can't buy the bundle on offer - don't want to pay by credit card - do want to pay by paypal - no can do.

    Check out Amazon, Cleverbrige, ebay on how to take money easily from customers!

    Sad in defeat - PJ

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