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Why is the pro bundle showing as not available?

  1. I want to take out a pro bundle but it says it isn't available. Why is that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just checked in my Store and it appears to be available. Have you tried since posting this?

    If it still shows for you as unavailable please try logging out of, clearing your browser cache and cookies, closing your browser and then opening it again.

    If it still shows as unavailable after that, please take a screenshot and upload it to your Media Library and I'll mark this for Staff assistance.

  3. Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for your help. It is still not available. I've done the screenshot and it's here:

    Thanks! Imelda

  4. Are you the admin of that blog? Are you the ONLY admin? And does it have upgrades already?

  5. Raincoaster, yes and yes for the first two and it has one upgrade, custom design (or whatever it's called)

  6. Well, this is flagged for staff; maybe it's that you have part of the upgrade, and need prorating for the rest? Staff will respond here eventually.

  7. One can only hope so! Thanks for the help.

  8. You have already purchased the bundle for

    Is that the blog you're referring to?

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