Why is the text on one post bigger than the other?

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    My blog is under Ambiru design. I’ve just started blogging and the first post seems to have shrunk in size since I posted the second. To me it look snaff and harder to read. How do I go about making all posts the same size?



    I’m afraid you don’t. That’s the way the theme is designed. As per the FAQ at the header of the forums here, themes are currently uneditable.

    I have a number of issues with this theme myself. No widget support, no search bar. If you have a long list of links, it really mucks things up. The list at the bottom of the page is only one column which makes it onesided.



    cheers pal. I really liked the minimal design but like you said it does seem a bit restrictive.

    thanks again.



    From what I can tell there isn’t a single designer out there who has crested the 40 year peak themselves and can relate to the fact that as humans age almost all of them require magnification. Granted there is a teeny tiny itsy bitsy minority that doesn’t but they sure as heck will not include the youngsters of today who are spending hours every day staring at computer screens with size 8 and 9 fonts on them.

    My local blog readers are in the main over 35 and they frequently witch at me requesting that the font size be increased to at least 11. I have had to instruct them all in how to increase the font size by using control + and now they are doing that but I wonder why designers don’t twig to the fact that the natural inclination of folks who are faced with tiny fonts and lack of contrast between fonts and template backgrounds is to get testy and click out.

    I checked out the template being discussed and rejected it for two reasons. The header is too large for my taste. It is a colour I associate with doctors’ and dentists offices and instiutions and cannot be changed (a selection of colours would have been nice.) But most of all the font was munchkin sized.



    TT, the theme on yout TT blog allows for adjustment within the browser. In IE, it’s under the View -> Text Size option or ytou can use yout mouse wheel while holding down your left Ctrl key. Work here in the forums as well.

    I really like the Ambiru theme myself. The green really fits in with the subject of my webcomic but it just has too many issues.

    Hope this helps,



    I knew about the view option for increasing font size (clicking control and + amounts to doing the same thing). But for the first time ever I was able to hold down the scroll on the mouse wheel and the left ctrl key at the same time and change the font size – yahoo!

    As for a theme without any widget support tsk, tsk – it’s useless for my purposes.


    Wow…timethief, I never knew how to change the font size of text as I’m reading it.

    That makes my life a lot easier. Thanks for the information.


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