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Why is the username linked to my email addy a long random string of characters?

  1. I do not recall setting up a WordPress account. When I tried to comment on a WordPress blog, after entering my email address, a long, random string of characters was automatically entered as my username. I replaced it with my standard username, and guessed at a password. It was rejected, so I opted to have my password emailed to me. The email I then received from WordPress once again gave my username as that same long string of random characters. When I logged on using the link provided, and a newly changed password, I went into my profile, and tried to change username. I was denied.

    Is it possible my email was fraudulently used to set up a fake WordPress account? How do I get my email disassociated from such an account, in order to set up my own real account using my personal username and password, and make it accessible only to me?
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  2. Thank you so much, timethief! That worked, and gave me back my peace of mind, too.

  3. You're welcome. :)

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