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Why is the Visual Editor toolbar missing?

  1. When I create a new post or try to edit an old one, the visual editor toolbar is missing. This occurs on multiple PCs, in different browsers and on PCs on different networks. "Disable the visual editor when writing" is unchecked. I have refreshed the browsers, cleared the cache, rebooted the machines etc. to no avail. When I open existing posts and select the text area, the content shows up (as if it's the same colour as the background and highlighting it makes it appear). If I click on the HTML tab, nothing happens, but if I click on the Visual tab, the text area disappears and cannot be opened again. I have created new posts many times from all computers I have access to, with no issues. This problem has only occurred in the last few hours. I have checked the forums and cannot find a solution. The closest topics I could find were these; and , but they're both closed and apparently resolved. Please help!

  2. justohernandez

    Having the same problem here.

  3. I had the same problem but deleting the caches and cookies did the trick for me.
    Do clear cookies and caches and refresh your browser and try again.

  4. But surely the fact that the problem occurs on multiple PCs/browsers/networks means that it can't be a problem with cookies/cache? I've cleared again, just in case, but problem still exists.

  5. It might be a problem with your ISP, though. Or even with your country: some countries try to block from time to time. Can you check on a mobile device of some kind and see if the problem persists?

  6. It appears has its own mobile version of the site, so can't replicate the problem.

  7. THIS PROBLEM HAS NOW BEEN RESOLVED by the wonderful people at WordPress Support! If you go into your user preferences and uncheck the 'proofreading' options, the visual editor should reappear. Hey presto.

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