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Why is the wordpress_export_1.xml failing to import?

  1. When I attempt to import the Posterous wordpress_export_1.xml file I get the following error: Could not read the XML file. Please make sure you are uploading a valid .xml or .xml.gz file. For more info, please see our documentation.

    The wordpress_export_1.xml file is 819KB in size; the entire exported posts directory is 1.5MB. I'm on Mac OS X Lion using Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Apologies as I have just posted this same question!

  3. All threads with Posterous issues are being tagged for Staff by us Volunteers, as we cannot help other than to point you folks to the big yellow banner on the top of the forum pages.

  4. I'm reverting to a vanilla template in case there's a problem with XML related to the template.

  5. Can you explain vanilla template please?

  6. A vanilla template is a standard, uncustomized very plain template.

    I've re-set my Posterous Space template to one that has very standard XML/CSS in it, and have requested a new Backup. I'll try to import that export to in case there was bad XML in the template I used.

  7. Hi there, several other users reported issues when importing a Posterous XML backup file. It appears to be an issue with the backup file, rather than with the WordPress importer. Our developers are looking into it and we will update this thread as we have more news (it might take a while). Thanks for your patience!

  8. Flytings, please do let me know if exporting with the vanilla template works (I am not sure it will, but it does not hurt to try).

  9. Hi all, since my last update, Posterous developers made some changes to the export tool, and our developers tweaked our importer.

    Please download the latest version of the Posterous backup and try the import again. For your reference, import instructions are here:

    If you run into any issues, please let me know!

  10. Hi there!
    Got a new back up on Sunday & have tried again but still getting the same error message. :(

  11. @jfb57 could you please send us the export file by e-mail? Please let me know once you did that including the address of your blog.

  12. Many thanks. Mail sent!

  13. Did you sent it from the e-mail address associated to your account? Also let me know the blog address you want to import this file to.

  14. Was size can you import please?

  15. I've just received your e-mail and replied to you.

  16. I finally was able to download the new backup/export and this time it worked.

  17. Great to hear it worked. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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