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why is the wrong picture showing up when I share the link for my blog?

  1. wrong picture showing up
    Blog url:

  2. When I share the link to my blog, no matter where I get the link from, at first it appears that the right gravatar (picture) is showing up, but when I hit reply, when on facebook in a message, the wrong picture comes up. There are other places also on my wordpress account where the wrong pictures are coming up. I may have toyed with using these pics at one time, but they should not be on the account at all now.

    Thank you.

  3. We have no control over which images Facebook chooses to display and we have no control over how long it takes for the image caches at Facebook to be flushed.

    They make changes frequently and what follows may or may not be where they are at today:

    Only the first five images uploaded to a post (direct inclusion/gallery/slideshow) will be sent to Facebook. The images size has to be at least 200 x 200 pixels.
    To select which image will be used for things like Facebook Publicize, you can use a theme that supports featured images. If a featured image isn’t set or your theme doesn’t use featured images, then the code tries to pick the first image in the post or page. If no image is found, then the blavatar is used.

    Does this help?

  4. But the other picture that comes up does not even exist anywhere in my profile or blog, otherwise I would find it and erase it. In another area, there is another picture that I have no way of erasing. This is somewhere in my profile, it looks like the first page? Being that I'm new, I'm not sure where to find it again. I'm sure this is a glitch in the wordpress system. Is there anyway to get someone to actually look at it?

  5. The recurring image is not on your blog, right? Then the image is cached at Facebook and we have no control over when they choose to flush their image caches.

  6. Is there anyway to get someone to actually look at it?

    Yes. There have been hours of Staff time devoted to looking at this Facebook image issue many times over but I'll flag this thread for them to look at it yet again.

  7. We have no control over the images that Facebook chooses.

    Basically, we send them the link, and they look through it for the content that they want to include.

    I agree that their accuracy has gotten worse recently, but there's nothing that we can do about it.

  8. Okay, I am trying to bring this to their attention as well. In the mean time, I have the option to not include a picture at all for now.

    As for the other issue, in the reader section, this seems to involve WordPress alone. It seemed to me that it might be related, but I guess that is a separate issue. There is a pic of me holding my guinea pig that I have no way of removing. It has nothing to do with my blog and I am trying to remove it (although my guinea pig is very cute. (: )

  9. Hm, I'm not sure what you mean.

    Would you please take a screenshot of this and upload it via Media -> Add New in your Dashboard so I can take a look?

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