Why is there a ? after my username in a comment of mine?

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    i never saw anything like this. is it normal?

    Netty Gritty? on Get royalty-free images for your blog/website from Riya!

    Netty Gritty is the name i use in my blog. Now it has become Netty Gritty? :(

    only in one comment though.

    what caused this?


    sorry about the miscode!
    i meant to write only Netty Gritty? in bold letters

    bbpress, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese, most of us are harmless bloggers and forum volunteers. please give us back the edit option. i’m sick of my own typos! :(


    oops i did it again! :(



    Have you tried editing the comment and removing the ? mark?


    editing the comment???

    but um, the ? problem is not in the comment!!

    it’s in my username, duh!

    and i was logged in, so it’s not like i added a ? after my username!!

    anyway, why is ecerything bold here?


    There is an unclosed tag in one of the above posts


    I think I just closed the tag.


    perhaps you want me to edit the username for that comment?

    ye, i dould do that, sure. but um, that doesn’t solve the mystery though! ;)


    try leaving a comment on my blog http://thesacredpath.wordpress.com


    i messed bbpress up, brilliant! :D

    one unclosed tag and everything will be bold in this thread til eternity????


    coming right over! :D



    I understand that staff will have to “fix” this so it doesn’t keep recurring.
    However, I thought it was worth a try to try editing this one comment.


    Yeah, I tried to close it. Perhaps Trent or someone will go in a close it later.



    By then we will have written a mile long thread on what could have been a support ticket … ha! ha! ha! :-D )))


    I just approved your comment, and there is no question mark, so perhaps it was a one-time “glitch”.


    i wrote a comment in your blog!
    didn’t see the ? after my username! :D


    oops, you responded while i was writing!

    ok, i hope it doesn’t hap’n again! imagine having to edit comments every now and then!

    psst: for a moment i thought it was a virus or something!
    virus in wp.com? nah!





    You can go in and edit the comment with the question mark and remove it if you wish. If it happens again, it will probably take staff to fix it. Hopefully it was just a one-time glitch.


    {waving to TT}

    It would appear so.

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