Why is there a charge for redirecting name servers for domain name?

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    I read your faq below for this questions and followed the directions. There was no mention of a fee until I tried to add the domain name. I have a domain name parked at go daddy and changed the name servers and then went into dashboard and tried to add domain and it said I needed to pay for 10 credits? I saw you were asking for money for a domain name that read like the domain name but it really existed with you guys, but I am just looking to forward that domain name to my blog, I don’t care what reads in the address bar==I just want the domain traffic redirected here? If there is a charge then you should reword your faq for that section and make it clearer. Please clarify. Thanks.



    Changing the name servers isn’t “redirecting”. You should be able to set up redirection at GoDaddy. The domain mapping requires WordPress’ name servers to recognize the inbound host resolution request for your domain. Therefore, WP is charging for the setup and traffic to their name servers.

    Since you don’t care what it reads in the address bar, then you want the redirect. Go back to GoDaddy and set it up for redirection to your name.wordpress.com blog.


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