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Why is there a strange video added to the end of one of my posts?

  1. There is a video added onto a post, it's not my video.. does not show up when editing the post, does not show up on desktop browser, only phone browser... what is it, how do i get rid of it?
    Blog url:

  2. it's on more then one post. I feel like my acct has been hacked. help please.

  3. Sounds like a WordPress ad which they occasionally run and which you agreed to when you signed up for your blog.

  4. nope, not an ad...

  5. How do you know it's not an ad? Can you be more specific as to what the video actually is?

  6. if it was an ad, it would advertise something, it's just a video that is supposed to be funny, I think.
    I would not mind an ad, I get that, and as you pointed out, I agreed to it.

  7. As i said could you tell us what the video is. WordPress don't only run their own adverts, it's possible it IS an advert but until you give more detail it's impossible to say. It's also possible it could be from your own browser, via an add-on.

  8. Yes, it is an ad. You are the third person today complaining about the Jennifer Aniston smartwater ad.

    No wonder she hasn't had a hit since Friends.

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