Why is there an $80 FEE????

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    I recently checked myself into an inpatient treatment center and am now seeing that in order to renew my domain which expired while I had no access to the internet/phone/etc, I have to pay an $80 late fee. I feel that is highly ridiculous and was wondering if you can reconsider that. I can provide proof that I was in fact in a rehab, and if you notice, I got like zero traffic to my blog. Otherwise, I’ll just let it expire/cancel and go with GoDaddy to reinstate it later…it’s my name and no one will be clambering to obtain it.

    The blog I need help with is courtneymanlove.com.



    The fee is set by the Registrar and is a pass through after the grace period.

    At some point the domain name will stop working and nobody will be able to get to your blog for a few weeks. The revert to the wild so it can be repurchased can take up to 60 days. Also there is no guarantee that the name will be released by the registrar, they might decide to auction it off or it might be bought by a squatter and held hostage for ransom.

    I have seen several domain names that were picked up by squatters over the time I have helped in the forum, and some just drift into the wild.

    Since the domain name is part of your identity, my advice would be to renew the domain name as ugly as the price is.
    I have flagged this for staff attention.



    Hi Courtney – @captnmike is correct. We can’t waive the redemption fee. If your domain expires, your blog will still be there at courtneymanlove.wordpress.com. You can wait until it is released and register it again, but as @captnmike says, it’s possible someone else could purchase it at auction.

    You can read more about this here:
    Domain Expiration

    Let me know if you have any further questions about this!

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