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Why is there an "Ideas" forum?

  1. Why is there an "Ideas" forum if all ideas ultimately have to go to support to be considered?

  2. Few people have a finished idea. We have an idea but others can add to it or take away from it. That is no bad thing - ideas can turn from one small thing to something larger, or be condensed into what may actually be just a small change. Sometimes an original idea is actually of little use itself but it sparks something in someone else that does lead to an idea that can move forward.

    So sending an idea to Support is fine. But only you and I will know. And while it will be looked at and considered the idea itself is still in a confined space.

    By posting it here others become involved and if ideas are about change then this forum is also about change.

  3. Then maybe people shouldn't be so quick to say "contact support" - sometimes that seems to end the discussion immediately. They will even say "you shouldn't be posting in forums, staff doesn't read these regularly" etc.

  4. I read the forums many times a day, others also make a point of reading and seeing how things are.

  5. lettershometoyou

    OK, then I have an idea.

    I tried to upload a video yesterday using the wordpress video player, but was told via a support form post (which I can't find anymore) and on the FAQ video tag that you need to upgrade space in order to use the wordpress video player, otherwise you must keep using youtube et al.

    So if a blogger like me wants to upload the occasional video, say a 10MB clip, I will have to pay for a space upgrade, even though there is now a vast amount of free space available.

    My idea: free up that free space for uploading with the wordpress video player. If things get full - and I doubt they would very fast - you can upgrade then.

  6. To upload media files you do need a space upgrade - that's why it is an upgrade. The upgrade buys additional functionality.

  7. I think that now the space limit has been upgraded, there is no reason to prevent blog owners from adding images to reply comments. I understand that it would be inappropriate to allow all commenters to do so, however it would be Soooooo useful to be able to put an image detail or image as a reply to a comment question rather than have find an outside link to load it to, and then make the person have to follow that link outside the blog. This really annoys me. I would pay to have this as it would make a huge difference to my blog. I don't want to direct people away from the comment stream even to another link I own. I'm sure many authors would find this incredibly useful.

  8. Allowing people to add images to comments is a security risk. It has never been a feature in WordPress for that reason.

  9. I don't mean people in general, I mean blog authors. How can it be a security risk for authors to add images, when I could add as many as I want to a post? I think you have misunderstood my post.

  10. This is still not answered satisfactorily. Why can't blog OWNERS be allowed to post pictures on comments. please note, I am not saying general commenters. It would be incredibly useful for many people.

  11. I'm sure it would be useful for some. There may well be a way to do this, but as with any change we have to look at what is being asked for the most, and this is not high on that list. I will put it forward as a suggestion but it's chances are low.

  12. Thanks mate. As a quick visual reply to a commenters question, it would be awesome.

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