why is there an RSS icon on my home page?

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    My second question tonight. Why is there an RSS icon on the upper left hand corner of my home page?
    I click on it and it shows all the code. Is that supposed to be there?



    The blog I need help with is brucecastleauthor.wordpress.com.


    We need a link to the site you are talking about.

    Also, are you by chance using Chrome as your browser?




    And yes, I am using Chrome as my browser.

    thank you


    If someone using any browser other than chrome clicks on that link, they will see an RSS feed for your site content that they can subscribe to if they wish.

    Chrome does not have a built-in RSS reader, so all you get is the raw source file shown to you. Why in the world Google would do this will go down in history as perhaps the greatest mystery ever.

    If someone has Chrome, they either have to find an RSS feed plugin, or they have to view your RSS feed through some third-party RSS feed aggregator such as Google Reader. There are some RSS plugins for Chrome. You can “google” to find them if you are interested in installing one.



    thank you

    Do you happen to have the answer to my first question before this one I posted about TAGGING. No one has responded as yet. Do you know what tagging is? When another author says I tagged your site (not mine). What does that mean and if there is something for me to do so people could tag my blog?

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